Classical period – PREZI Presentation

Klasicizam - Klasszicizmus For listening: Beethoven - Ode to joy, Beethoven -5th Symphony, 1st movement: Allegro Con Brío, Beethoven-Moonlight Sonata (Mvt. 1), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Mozart - Queen of the Night (The Magic Flute), Mozart's Requiem - 2. Kyrie Eleison, Joseph Haydn: Armida, Haydn - Symphony No. 94 in G 'Surprise' - Andante, Haydn - Serenade for Strings Op. 3 No. … Continue reading Classical period – PREZI Presentation


Tchaikovsky : Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

An amazing performance of a classical piece in a new way. Worth watching: I prepared a list "Composers and pieces you MUST know" for the 5th grade class. Every year we listen to original performances, Disney's Fantasia, Pentatonix's version and one with ballet and BMX, which is a  more acrobatic way to show how can … Continue reading Tchaikovsky : Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy